Motorola RLN5382 individual IMPRES display module that is used with IMPRES multi-unit chargers that do not have a display. This display shows critical battery information including: current charge status, battery mAh, voltage, battery kit number, serial number, and chemistry.

RLN5382 charger display module is compatible with the standard IMPRES multi-unit chargers WPLN4108BR, WPLN4109BR and WPLN4110BR. Up to six modules can be used per charger, one for each charging pocket.

The module works with version 1.3 or later and the version number is located at the bottom of the charger. Also included are detailed installation instructions.

Motorola RLN5382 IMPRES Display Module for Multi-Unit Charger

  • APX 4000, APX 6000, APX 7000, APX 7000XE, HT1000, HT1250, HT1250-LS, HT1250-LS+, HT1550-XLS, HT750, JT1000, MTX8250, MTX8250-LS, MTX838, MTX850, MTX9000, MTX9250, MTX950, PR860, Saber, Saber I R, Saber II R, XPR 3300, XPR 3500, XPR 6300, XPR 6350, XPR 6380, XPR 6500, XPR 6550, XPR 6580, XPR 7350, XPR 7380, XPR 7550, XPR 7580, XTS 2500, XTS 3500, XTS 5000



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